Let's address the elephant in the room; you hate that you can't fit into your favorite jeans anymore.

After all, nobody loves to see their waist size increase and clothes get uncomfortably tighter – which explains why diets are getting all the hype.

But what about fasting and intermittent fasting? Is fasting as effective as ketogenic diets?

And more importantly, is it wise to combine the two eating habits?

Let us explain why fasting is an important part of the keto journey and ways to combine the two to get rid of stubborn fat.

What is A Keto diet?


Keto is the quickest way to burn fat and acquire your dream body.

But how does keto work? And what makes it effective?

Carbohydrates allow us to do everything as they are our most used currency for energy. Thus, when we reduce our carbs intake, our body is forced to use the stored sugar followed by our energy reserves: fat.

An easy way to think of ketosis is to think of a hybrid car. A hybrid vehicle can operate both on electricity and fossil fuel. For slower speeds, electricity can be used. But under certain conditions, only fossil fuels can come to the rescue.

Similarly, our bodies can use both carbs and fat for energy, but to tap into our fat reserves, we need to rely on specific diets and lifestyle changes, such as reducing carb intake for a limited time.

Once all the carbs’ reserves are used, our bodies burn fat and produce ketones – a state called ketosis.

Understanding Fasting

 Why should we also incorporate fasting if the keto diet helps lose fat? And what is fasting anyways?

Fasting is a state where you do not eat anything for a set number of hours and only eat during the designated hours.

It's also called intermittent fasting, where fitness enthusiasts follow a 16:8 rule: eating for 8 hours and abstaining from food for the next 16 consecutive hours.

When our bodies are in a fasted state, they use stored sugar. Eventually, fat is also used to obtain energy leading to a slimmer waist and a prominent V-taper.

But here’s the big question: is it wise to combine fasting with keto? And what role, if any, does fasting play as you begin your journey towards a Summer beach body?

Here are a few ways fasting is crucial in assisting you in a keto journey.

Fasting Helps You Stick to Keto


Keto requires reducing carbs intake – something easier said than done.

Our brain runs on sugar. Thus, it's natural to relapse when we eliminate carbs and return to previous unhealthy eating habits. Because who can resist carbs and sugar?

As you fast, you automatically reduce your carb intake. Since you know after the 16th-hour mark, you can feast on your favorite foods.

Therefore, beginning your keto with a few days of fasting and then incorporating the 16:8 intermittent fasting routine can help you resist the temptation to eat carbs.

If you want to up your game further and demolish your fitness goals sooner, you can kick start your fasting plus keto journey with Ketao’s Kick-Start, which has proven miraculous for many fitness enthusiasts.



Helps Fight Keto Fever


In the initial days, a keto diet can lead to 'keto fever,' where a person experiences headaches and dizziness coupled with a light fever. Although the fever is short-lived, it can be a breaking point for some people.

Consequently, fasting becomes essential for this stage. It helps a person cope with keto fever well since the body is already used to relying on fat to a certain level. Additionally, supplements, such as Collagen Creamer, assist in reducing keto fever's impact.

Collagen creamer keeps you focused and in a positive mood – the ideal antidote to ketosis and its slight effects.

Offers a Balance in keto


Typically, our diets consist of carbs and protein and relatively less fat. As a result, we depend on carbohydrates and find it challenging to eliminate them.

Even if one overcomes carb cravings, the body does not cope well with the sudden change leading to hormonal imbalances and fatigue.

In such a scenario, fasting helps balance the required protein and naturally reduces carbs intake. Most people can reduce their carbohydrate intake to 5% of their daily calories allowing the body to adjust to a complete keto-based diet.

Keto Cleanse is the ultimate super supplement to accelerate the process of detoxifying our bodies and relying less on carbs. 

Reduces Hunger Pangs

 Our cravings and hunger are a result of a complex biological system.

Most of our appetite is controlled by a hormone called leptin, which regulates our fat levels.

It is not surprising that regulating leptin could be the most critical step in a keto journey; however, how does one control something beyond their control?

Fasting is the answer. A medical study “Effects of fasting on serum leptin in normal human subjects” has shown that fasting is a sure way to regulate and balance different hormones, especially leptin. If someone suffers from food addiction, fasting can help them too.

So, everyone who wishes to start a keto journey must give fasting a chance to fight cravings and overcome food addiction.

Provides A Small Win


Several nutritionists and health and wellness experts, including Dr. Alexander H. Blackwell, contend that "keto is a very knowledge-based diet."

It can get overwhelming if one needs to put some effort and time into understanding a keto diet for effective results.

On the other hand, fasting is a no-brainer. One is only required to eat at certain hours and not during additional hours.

Given the simplicity, intermittent fasting is a great way to lose a few initial pounds and acquire a small win. This small win offers positive reinforcement where your brain produces dopamine, the 'feel-good' hormones allowing you to experiment with a slightly more challenging diet like a keto.



Keto is a journey; fasting is its ticket for the super-fast luxury express.

Thus, combining the power of intermittent fasting and a keto diet, coupled with Ketao’s Keto Box, can be the magic ingredient you need to shave off love handles.


So, what are you waiting for?



 Is fasting healthy?

Fasting is healthy as well as advised for most people. Only those with existing medical conditions and diabetes are advised to avoid fasting or consult a physician.

  1. Can fast affect a keto diet?

Fasting and keto can be combined to get the best of both diets. Keto helps burn more fat and fasting reduces caloric intake leading to quick fat loss.

  1. How much weight can a person by following a keto diet combined with some fasting?

With a keto diet and fasting, a person can lose between 1lbs and 11.02lbs each week.

  1. Do supplements help with a keto diet?

Ketao offers Specialized supplements that help. Supplements nourish the body with necessary nutrients that are left out when a person eliminates carbohydrates from a diet.