Keto diets rarely make sense for people who are starting their keto journey.

And why would it? How can eating more bacon and cheese help you lose more weight?But it does!

And the science behind keto is comprehensive and absolute.

Since you are reading this blog, you already know how effective keto is and how it helps you lose more weight than any traditional diet.

So, without keeping you waiting, let us explore strategies to lose more fat with keto and keep food cravings away.

Track Fat Consumption


While keto allows you to enjoy fat-rich foods and consume more calories than you usually would with a high-carb diet, it is still essential to track how much fat you consume.

When you are in ketosis, your body oxidizes fat for energy, assisting you in getting rid of the love handles. However, if you consume more fat than the rate of oxidation, a keto diet can backfire.

Thus, minimal tracking of how much fat you are consuming is essential.

Increase Protein Consumption


In a ketosis state, our bodies often undergo a process called gluconeogenesis, where protein is broken down into amino acids, which are then used for energy. The process can be detrimental as it leads to a loss of lean muscle.

Therefore, ensuring adequate protein intake is necessary. Additionally, the more muscle a body has, the more energy it requires, ultimately leading to more fat loss.

So, as you embark on your journey to chisel your body, let protein-rich foods and supplements be your friend.

Avoid Processed Foods


Fat gets a bad name for no reason. In fact, fat is good for your body and necessary for survival; it protects your internal organs and offers insulation; however, bad fats like trans-fats are not as healthy.

Hence, you must prioritize avoiding all processed foods. And if you ever decide to eat processed food, read its labels as it must have less than 6 grams of carbs and no trans-fats.

Choose Healthy Fatty Foods

 Keto is a knowledge-based diet. Yet many people begin a keto diet without knowledge which leads to people believing in myths like a person can eat anything and everything if it does not have carbs.

While a keto-based "all you can eat" diet can trigger ketosis, it can create potential health issues and slow down fat loss.

To get the most out of a keto diet, one must incorporate healthy fats, such as meat, fish, butter, eggs, cheese, oil, nuts, and avocado.

Moreover, healthy keto foods help with cravings and keep your sweet tooth in check.

Consume Medium Chain Triglycerides

 Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are remarkable at torching stubborn fat, for which coconuts are a great source.

And if you want to boost your fat loss process further while curbing cravings, coconut oil or collagen creamer can be a better alternative as oil, and collagen creamer provides 100% MCTs.

Increase Fluid Intake


Since keto requires eliminating carbs and sugar, the diet can sometimes be challenging.

On days when you crave carb-filled food, you can increase your electrolyte and fluid intake and prepare a delicious bone and vegetable broth.

Not only will the fluids and broth help you kick the craving to the curb, but they will also accelerate the process of cutting off excessive fat.

Try Intermittent Fasting

 Keto is as widely popular as it is because of rapid fat loss.

Here's a catch: what if you can further increase fat loss?

What if you can get your dream body within six weeks instead of eight?

To accelerate your fat-burning journey, you must combine intermittent fasting (IF) with your keto diet.

IF keeps your hormones balanced while keto shaves off extra layers of fat, making you healthier and more active.

Incorporate Strength Training


Typically, it can take anywhere between 4 to 7 days for ketosis to kick in. If you want your keto diet to take effect from the very first day, you can get yourself registered at a local gym.

Strength training burns fatter, builds muscle, and complements a keto diet. So, as you take your first bite towards a keto diet, give strength training a chance.

Choose Healthy Snacks


As we shared earlier, cravings are natural, especially in the first few days of keto. But munching on unhealthy snacks can undo days of hard work.

Hence, healthy snacks and drinks such as green tea, avocado, and fiber biscuits can be a healthier, keto-friendly alternative.

Use Natural Fat Burners


Vinegar, lemon, and honey are natural fat burners. You can mix the three ingredients to make a hot drink and feel the fat burn from within.

On the other hand, you can visit Ketao and get a keto kit that offers a safer option for burning fat.


For additional help and improved results, BHB Ketones like Keto Activate can be consumed that increase the rate of burn of fat.

Improve Fiber Intake


A healthy digestive system means easy digestion for foods high in fat.

This calls for a high fiber consumption whenever one takes a keto diet.

Get More Sleep


Nothing blows our readers' minds more than the fact that sleeping burns more energy and fat than any other activity.

So, if you are losing out on sleep, incorporate smaller naps to maximize the fat loss.  



Every diet requires effort and consistency. With the right amount of fat, protein, and supplements like collagen creamer, you can lose fat rapidly and curb cravings for keto.

In case you are looking for the best keto products, check out Ketao – a leading provider of keto friendly products empowering people to live a truly happy and healthy life.




  1. Is it possible to lose fat faster with a keto diet?

Yes. Keto diets help to lose fat quicker than a regular diet

  1. Does protein intake affect keto results?

High protein intake allows your body to maintain muscle while burning fat.

  1. Are there any supplements to curb cravings while on a keto?

Supplements like Keto Kick-start can help curb cravings and help you stay on track.

  1. Can a person lift weights on a keto diet?

Lifting weights is entirely safe for people on a keto diet.