At Ketao our goal is to make low carb and keto living as effective and effortless as possible. Providing you with the information and products, that may assist you in optimizing your energy levels throughout the day.

The name Ketao is a combination of Ke and Tao. Ke standing for "energy", and Tao standing for "the way" or "the path".

We are committed to only using the highest quality, effective ingredients in our products, and never use any artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours.



My name is Fred Liberatore and my goal here is to educate and inform you of the many benefits ketao product have to offer,I am 100% commited to your success.

I am also a Personal Trainer and Transformation coach and have my own studio information here and well as my own Customised App here  and have also written a book called Sweat Swear Smile link here 

I believe everyone has the potential for a great body and great mindset (seriously!). I have proudly served my local and online community since 2006, and have seen incredible transformations in clients in record time. Now, it’s your turn!

It’s time for you to discover your potential thriugh the keto principals . I can’t wait to be a part of your journey!

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Fred Liberatore