A Very Ketao Christmas 🎄🦃

Let’s admit it—sticking to keto in the face of temptation can be incredibly challenging, especially around the holidays. The crackers and crostini on the cheese board, the turkey stuffing, warm bread straight from the oven, all of the gluten and sugar laden Christmas cookies and desserts, oh, and let’s not forget the cocktails.

We get it, there can be a lot of will power needed to resist these goodies.

Christmas is a time for celebrating and being with family, but it doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of everything delicious in life or blow your diet.

Here are some simple (and still delicious) swaps you can make to ensure you’re staying in ketosis over the holidays.


Trade this:Sugar-filled cocktails and beer
For this:Hard liquor (gin, vodka, whiskey, brandy, tequila, rum) or dry wine

 Alcohol is a debatable inclusion on a keto diet, but there are some beverages that can be included and still keep you in ketosis. Dry wines contain minimal net-carbs per serving, while spirits are generally carb-free. Drink them neat or combine with your favourite zero-calorie soda or soda-water and a hint of citrus.


 Trade this: Cappuccino with regular milk
 For this: Keto Coffee - Coffee + Collagen Creamer (0 carbs)


Coffee is an essential part of most people's morning routine. However did you realise that there are an average of around 10 carbs in a regular cappuccino, plus the dairy from the milk slows down the caffeine absorption, hence why you may sometimes feel drowsy after a milky coffee. Instead try a delicious Keto Coffee using Collagen Creamer and Black Coffee, healthy fats and grass fed collagen to keep you full throughout your morning.


 Trade this: Mashed potatoes
 For this: Mashed rutabaga, turnip, or cauliflower


Are you a fan of mashed potatoes but don’t want to blow your carb count? Mashed cauliflower, rutabaga, or turnip are awesome substitutions with nearly a fraction of the carbs. They’re incredibly versatile, meaning any flavours and other keto-compliant ingredients you throw in your potatoes will totally work with one of these low-carb options!

And don't forget to add cheddar cheese into your mash;)


Trade this:Traditional wheat-based crackers
For this:Coconut, nut flour, or seed crackers, you can make them yourself or try Keto Kitchen Corner – Keto Crackers


 Whether it’s on a cheese board or to dunk in your favorite dip, crackers are generally a staple at most family gatherings. If you want to indulge without kicking yourself out of ketosis, swap your traditional wheat-based crackers for something like Keto Kitchen Corner’s Keto Crackers! They come in delicious flavors like salt & pepper or garlic bread and are totally keto-compliant.


Trade this:Wheat-bread dinner rolls
For this:PBCo. Bread Mix


Everyone loves a warm, crusty piece of bread, but it’s not exactly fitting with the keto diet. Trade your traditional wheat-based dinner rolls for something like PBCo. 6 Seeds Bread or their traditional Bread Mix. They’re powered by whey protein and contain less than 2g net-carbs per serving! 


Trade this:Regular High-Sugar Ice Cream
For this:Denada Sugar-Free Ice cream


We’ll be the first ones to agree with you that traditional high-sugar ice cream is delicious, and all those flavors?! C’mon, they’re hard to resist. But Denada offers something better. A uniquely smooth texture, with bright, fresh flavors and a clean finish using only the finest of natural ingredients. Whether you’re on team vanilla or chocolate, or look for something with a bit more pzazz like salted caramel or espresso chocolate fudge, you can eat Denada this Christmas and still stay in ketosis.


 Trade this: Redbull
 For this: Keto Activate Ketones
redbull ketones
Redbull contains artificial caffeine, colours and sweeteners. It provides an instant hit of energy followed by a slump and a craving for either more caffeine or some sugar. Keto Activate on the other hand contains exogenous ketones and yerba mate. The exogenous ketones provide the body with energy that burns for hours and the yerba mate is a natural herb from South America that contains theobromine, which is a natural stimulant that enhances mood.


What happens if I over-indulge?

First off, don’t beat yourself up—it happens to the best of us, especially around the holidays. But if you’ve gone a bit overboard and kicked yourself out of ketosis, getting yourself back in should be the first thing on your to-do list.

Here are 3 ways to do that:

  1.  Get back on a strict keto diet
  2. Try intermittent fasting
  3. Use Ketao Activate Ketones

Have a happy holiday season, from the team at Ketao!