It is not easy to stick to a diet, be it a keto diet, a vegan diet, or any other diet per se.

And when you add the holiday season to the mix, you might find yourself grasping at straws and struggling to keep the extra pounds at bay.

However, not all holidays should ruin your healthy keto diet: we have round up tips that will help you stay in ketosis over the holidays and torch stubborn fat.

Without further ado, let us share how to sustain a keto diet over the holidays.

Eat Before Hand

 Our first tip is the oldest in the book. It works for almost every diet that you might be following, especially for a keto diet.


Try to eat before you leave your house to visit a friend or family. This way, you can enjoy some time out without sacrificing your hard-earned ketosis. Whether it’s street side food or a lavish restaurant, when your belly’s full, following a diet would not feel like being on one.


Bring Keto Snacks


Eating before arriving at the party often spoils the mood and causes a few frowns, doesn’t it?

But don’t worry, we have a way around that as well. Preparing keto-based snacks and meals and taking them with you when you’re travelling or visiting someone is a great way to enjoy the holidays.

It might feel different eating keto food while everyone else is eating other snacks but sharing a meal with everyone is what holidays are truly about!

Embrace Safe Foods


In certain situations, it’s not easy to say no to food. It might even be socially impolite to do so. Hence, recognizing safe foods is essential.

As you embark on your keto journey, you must read about all the safe foods that can become a part of your keto diet. Or at the very least, would not throw your diet off track.

Deli trays of meat and cheese with some veggies dip can be safe foods that will help your keto lifestyle instead of pulling you back from your journey. Moreover, if you love desserts, you can grab keto-friendly vegan custard to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Contribute a Keto-Friendly Dish


Another great way to enjoy the holidays or get togethers is to contribute a keto-friendly dish. Prepare your regular keto-based meal for a party and share it with everyone during the holiday season.

Not only is it a great conversation starter, but it can potentially introduce other people to a keto diet and its remarkable benefits.

But we should probably warn you. You might become thatperson who can’t stop talking about keto!

Know What’s Worth Cheating For


Starting a keto diet is difficult; sticking to it is even more difficult; and to finally get into a ketosis state? You know as much as we do how tough that is!

Thus, it is going to come as a surprise when we ask you to cheat on your keto diet – once.

Even if the food is not always keto-friendly, you can give yourself some room where you enjoy a meal or two without stressing about it. Combining a cheat meal with ketones and keto cleanse combo can mitigate the negative impact of a rare bad diet.

While cheat meals slow your progress, they are important to offer you a buffer against relapsing to usual eating habits.

Research Keto-Friendly Places

 Each time you visit a holiday destination, you can research keto-friendly places in the area. A little bit of research and some exploration will help you enjoy local cuisine that also offers a healthy diet rich in fat.

Not only will you discover new recipes to take home once the holiday season is over, but you can also discover some cool places that offer a glimpse into the true local culture.

The 80/20 Rule

 There are some smart – and mathematical - ways to stay in ketosis during the holidays. All you must remember is the 80/20 rule.

In this method, you get 80% of your macro requirements and nutritious needs by eating keto-based foods. And 20% is left for your snacks and foods that you might eat during the holidays.

After a certain time is spent in ketosis, one can eat carbs and sugary foods if they are within reasonable limits and do not push the daily intake above a certain threshold.

Inculcate Intermittent Fasting

 Here’s another trick pulled from the books! You must have heard about intermittent fasting; it’s an incredible method to lose weight by restricting eating hours.

So, what if you combined intermittent fasting with your keto lifestyle?

In intermittent fasting, one has to eat in a four, six, or eight hour window and fast for the remaining hours. Consequently, your body burns more fat and helps you get lean.

When you are on a holiday, you can combine intermittent fasting with a keto diet, which helps to create a calorie deficit, and create a much larger room for some guilty food delights.

Moreover, by fasting, it becomes easier to stay away from junk food that you might not want to indulge in.

Thus, whether you want to stay away from unhealthy food or indulge in some snacks, a hybrid diet involving intermittent fasting, and keto is the perfect solution for you.

Carry Water With You


Soft drink and alcohol are the biggest concerns for people doing a keto diet since many drinks require sugary syrups.

While liquids are unsuspecting culprits, they cause the most harm. Thus, an easy way is to stay hydrated and carry a bottle of water.


Parting Thoughts


Going on a holiday does not always mean losing the progress you have made.

You can always come back to a keto diet and preserve the progress you have made if you follow our smart hacks to sustain a keto diet over the holidays.

Ultimately, one must remember holidays are about food, fun, family, and friends. Being mindful of what you eat is essential but stressing about food is not worth it. So, if you miss a day of healthy keto eating, you must forgive yourself and come back

To lose the extra weight you might have gained over the holidays, head over and get your hands on Keto Activate – organic ketone supplement to get you back in a ketosis!



  1. Q) Should you follow a keto diet over the holidays?
  2. A) Following or not following a keto diet over the holidays is a personal choice; however, sticking to a keto diet is not as difficult as it used to be since keto friendly foods have become easily accessible
  3. Q) Can drinking alcohol over the holidays negatively impact ketosis?
  4. A) Alcohol does not affect ketosis or any keto-related product that you might be consuming
  5. Q) How many days can you cheat on your diet to stay in ketosis?
  6. A) The longer you cheat on your diet, the quicker you will get out of a ketosis and increase weight. Hence, it’s advisable to cheat on either a single meal or day and go back to a keto diet as soon as possible.
  7. Q) Is it possible to lose more fat during ketosis over the holidays?
  8. A) If you have maxed out your keto diet, you can then try Keto Kickstart supplement to lose even more fat and break plateaus!