Note: This recipe isn't Keto, however it is high in protein and healthy fats. Some people with a fast metabolism may be able to sneak this into their macros however if you are newly in ketosis we would recommend holding off on this one until you are eating more carbs in your diet.

Here is the Recipe from Candy | Recipes To Nourish

A protein-packed breakfast not only makes you feel more satiated throughout the day to prevent you from overeating; it also helps reduce cravings, boost metabolism and increase energy levels! That’s why I love adding source of protein (and healthy fats) to my good old brekkie oats: protein powder, a variety of nuts & seeds, yogurt etc... This VANILLA DREAM PROTEIN OATMEAL BOWL is super easy to make and it’s my go-to breakfast recipe! 🌿1/2 cup rolled oats 🌿1 cup plant-based milk of choice (e.g. soy, almond) 🌿2 tbsp Vanilla protein powder. 
🌿Optional: 1 scoop each of collagen and MCT Creamr from Ketao for some extra healthy fats! I also love to add in Maca powder for the hormone balancing benefits :)
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☀️I topped this oatmeal bowl with salted caramel cookies from Luv co(srsly so good!), kiwi, fresh strawberries, lemon myrtle granola, freeze-dried wild berries, hemp seeds and coconut yogurt 😍😋💕 also featuring this handmade wooden spoon from heart made bowls.

Oatmeal Bowl with MCT

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