Keto Custard - Keto Vegan Dessert


Great tasting high protein, low carb keto custard. The ultimate keto vegan dessert.

Product Info

Keto Custard contains plant based protein with healthy fats including MCT and is the newest Keto Friendly Dessert on the market.

Perfect for anyone following a keto diet, low carb diet or anyone just wanting a healthy snack. Keto Custard is high in plant protein, vegan, dairy free and contains healthy fats to keep you full.

Consume it after the gym instead of a protein shake, in the evening as a healthy dessert or even for breakfast:)

Ketao Keto Custard is a healthy snack or dessert option that is packed with vegan pea protein, Cacao and MCT powder.


Organic Pea Protein, MCT from coconut, goFAT (Cacao butter powder), Sunflower lecithin, Natural flavours, Stevia.

In a bowl mix two scoops(34g) into 100ml of cold water or plant milk, or for a smaller serving, mix 1 scoop into 50ml of liquid. Whip it with fork for 30-40 seconds or until all powder is dissolved.

If you would like to alter the consistency you may add slightly more or reduce the amount of water.

We find that most people like it cold, however if you prefer it warm then mix as per the above directions and then microwave for 20-30 seconds.

Nutritional Info
   Per Scoop Per 2 Scoops
Calories 68 136
Protein 10.25g 20.5g
Total Fat
2.65g 5.3g
- Saturated Fat
1.9g 3.8g
- Trans Fat
0g 0g
32mg 64mg
Total Carbohydrates
2.3g 4.6g
- Sugars
1.5g 3g